Student in Laboratory of Paleogenetics and Conservation Genetics

Dziedzina: population genetics, ancient DNA

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Title of the position: Student in Laboratory of Paleogenetics and Conservation Genetics
Scientific discipline: population genetics, ancient DNA
Job type: Scholarship
Number of job offers: 1
Remuneration/Stipend amount/month: 1000
Position starts on: 01.02.2020
Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement: 18 months
Institution: Laboratory of Paleogenetics and Conservation Genetics
Project leader: Piotr Węgleński
Project title: Genetic history of Poles
Project Description: The general aim of this project is to reconstruct the genetic history of the present population of Poland. We will perform analyzes of ancient and modern genomes to find answer to several important questions: (1) What was the population structure and genetic heterogeneity of human population inhabiting the territory of the present day Poland and was it undergoing changes during the last 4,000 years? (2) Were changes in population structure connected with major events in Polish population history? (3) Do we have in our genomes (and how big it is) an admixture of genes we inherited after Vandals, Goths and other tribes which invaded East-Central Europe during the period of Great Migrations? (4) How big are the genetic differences between various subpopulations in Poland and populations occupying the neighboring countries?

Key responsibilities include:
Extraction of DNA from archaeological materials, preparation of NGS sequencing libraries. Target enrichment of Y chromosome SNPs. Analysis of sequencing data.

Profile of candidates/requirements:
We are looking for a highly motivated candidates accepted into the master’s degree program of biology, biotechnology or molecular biology (state on 01.02.2020). Candidate should have some basic experience in laboratory work (DNA extraction, PCR, enzymatic reactions) and a basic knowledge of population genetics with the special emphasis on Y chromosome.

Required documents:
CV, cover letter

We offer:
stimulating and friendly work environment

Please submit the following documents to:

Selected candidates may be invited for an interview at the Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw. Candidates will be selected in accordance with the regulations of the National Science Centre and announced no later than 24.01.2020.

Termin nadsyłania aplikacji: 17/01/2020

Słowa kluczowe: ancient DNA, Y-chromosome