Laboratory of Human Cancer Genetics

The aim of the projects implemented at the Laboratory of Human Cancer Genetics is to identify molecular changes underlying heritability and pathogenesis of human malignancies. Using the most innovative methods of molecular and genetic analysis, including next-generation sequencing, we seek for mutations that predispose to carcinogenesis.

We also analyze the function of regulatory RNAs, such as microRNAs, and the role of their disturbed expression or sequence in development and progression of cancer. We moreover aim to elucidate non-invasive molecular panels, based on measurements of microRNA expression in blood that will allow for diagnostics and prognostics of human cancers. Such panels might serve as a basis for personalized medicine. The Laboratory of Human Cancer Genetics is an interdisciplinary team, including medical doctors, molecular biologists, geneticists and bioinformaticians.

Recent papers:

  • Lakshmanan A, Wojcicka A, Kotlarek M, Zhang X, Jazdzewski K, Jhiang SM, MicroRNA-339-5p modulates Na+/I- symporter-mediated radioiodide uptake, Endocr Relat Cancer 2015, 22(1):11-21
  • Wojcicka A, Swierniak M, Kornasiewicz O, Gierlikowski W, Maciag M, Kolanowska M, Kotlarek M, Gornicka B, Koperski L, Niewinski G, Krawczyk M, Jazdzewski K. Next generation sequencing reveals microRNA isoforms in liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Int J Biochem Cell Biol2014; 53:208-17
  • Wojcicka A, Czetwertynska M, Swierniak M, Długosinska J, Maciag M, Czajka A, Dymecka K, Kubiak A, Kot A, Ploski R, de la Chapelle A, Jazdzewski K. Variants in the ATM-CHEK2-BRCA1 axis determine genetic predisposition and clinical presentation of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2014; 53(6):516-23
  • Wojcicka A, de la Chapelle A, Jazdzewski K. MicroRNA-related sequence variations in human cancers. Hum Genetics 2014; 133(4):463-9
Group Leader:
The rs2910164 Genetic Variant of miR-146a-3p Is Associated with Increased Overall Mortality in Patients with Follicular Variant Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
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