Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

The research interest includes development of new theoretical and experimental tools and their application to investigate structure, function and evolution of proteins and their interaction with ligands. Research is also focused on application of next generation sequencing to a wide range of genomic, metagenomic and transcriptomic studies.

Group Leader:
Poly-Saturated Dolichols from Filamentous Fungi Modulate Activity of Dolichol-Dependent Glycosyltransferase and Physical Properties of Membranes
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qDSB-Seq is a general method for genome-wide quantification of DNA double-strand breaks using sequencing
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Overactive BRCA1 Affects Presenilin 1 in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons in Alzheimer’s Disease
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Structural, Biochemical, and Evolutionary Characterizations of Glyoxylate/Hydroxypyruvate Reductases Show Their Division into Two Distinct Subfamilies
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Comparative genomic analysis of Staphylococcus lugdunensis shows a closed pan-genome and multiple barriers to horizontal gene transfer
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Exome scale map of genetic alterations promoting metastasis in colorectal cancer
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i-BLESS is an ultra-sensitive method for detection of DNA double-strand breaks
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Classification, substrate specificity and structural features of D-2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenases: 2HADH knowledgebase
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Hypermethylation of TRIM59 and KLF14 influences cell death signaling in familial Alzheimer’s disease
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Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Definition of Rhizopus Species
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Ssb1 and Ssb2 cooperate to regulate mouse hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells by resolving replicative stress.
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Histone H1 variants in Arabidopsis are subject to numerous post-translational modifications, both conserved and previously unknown in histones, suggesting complex functions of H1 in plants.
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Genome-wide co-localization of active EGFR and downstream ERK pathway kinases mirrors mitogen-inducible RNA polymerase 2 genomic occupancy
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A specialized histone H1 variant is required for adaptive responses to complex abiotic stress and related DNA methylation in Arabidopsis
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Probabilistic Approach to Predicting Substrate Specificity of Methyltransferases
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DIRS and Ngaro Retrotransposons in Fungi
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C16orf57, a gene mutated in poikiloderma with neutropenia, encodes a putative phosphodiesterase responsible for the U6 snRNA 3′ end modification.
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Novel AlkB dioxygenases—alternative models for in silico and in vivo studies.
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Sequence, structure and functional diversity of PD-(D/E)XK phosphodiesterase superfamily
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Postdoc in Laboratory of Structural Bioinformatics (CeNT-44-2021) 22/11/2021