Synthesis, evaluation and recycling of the salts containing highly-fluorinated anions for energy storage applications

Project Leader: Tomasz Jaroń, PhD Project period: 2017 - 2019
Project funding: HOMING, FNP
Project description:

The project aims at synthesis of the new salts containing selected highly-fluorinated anions and Li, Na and Mg cations. Weak coordination of cations in these compounds should result in cation mobility. Therefore these compounds will be explored as potential solid state ionic conductors for application in the electrochemical batteries. The newly-prepared compounds will be also utilized as the precursors for new hydrogen-rich borohydrides, which are interesting in the context of hydrogen storage. During the realization of the project the recycling procedure of the salts of weakly coordinating anions (WCA) and the bulky cations will be developed. Such procedure will result in re-synthesis of the WCA salts containing non-solvated light metal cations, leading to more economical and efficient chemical processes utilizing WCA reagents.

Amount of co-financing: 793 920 PLN

Laboratory of Chemical Energy Carriers