Postdoctoral researcher (adjunct) in the Quantum Information and Inference (QI2) Laboratory

Field: Physical sciences. Theoretical quantum optics and quantum information science

Results of the competition:

As a result of the conducted competition, the competition committee has recommended Lewis Clark, PhD, for the position.


Project title: Continuously Monitored Quantum Sensors: Smart Tools and Applications.

QuantERA Call 2019, NCN

Project description: Successful candidate will work on the following or akin research topics depending on her/his inclination towards analytic and/or numerical theoretical physics; software-development experience, interests and profile:
– quantum dynamical models of hot (also multi-species) atomic sensors that include dominant decoherence and collision (e.g. spin-exchange)
mechanisms, when measured continuously with light;
– numerical simulations (quantum trajectories, Monte-Carlo) of optomechanical and atomic sensors operating in real time with applications and analysis of current experiments;
– development of software data-inference and signal-processing tools (Bayesian filtering, compressed sensing, machine learning) for them to be robust, efficient and compatible with (real-time) quantum sensing tasks;
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Deadline: 05/04/2020

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Tags: Quantum metrology and sensing, quantum information processing, continuously-monitored quantum systems, real-time atomic and optomechanical sensors