Postdoc (Senior Assistant) in the Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy

Field: Chemical sciences

Results of the competition:

By means of a conducted competition, the competition committee has recommended Mateusz Urbańczyk, PhD, for the position.


Project title:
Methods of non-stationary signal processing for more sensitive NMR spectroscopy.
Project is carried out within the FIRST TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science.

Project description:
The goal of the project is to develop novel methods of data processing for “serial” Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) experiments. Methods of analysis of non-stationary signals will be implemented in various types of experiments – from the study of small molecules and their mixtures to studies of macromolecules. The expected result of the project will be a package of experimental protocols and programs for data processing.

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Deadline: 25/04/2020

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Tags: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, non-stationary signals, Radon transform, compressed sensing