The European Commission approved the CETO report

The European Commission has approved the report of the Clean Energy Technologies Observatory (CETO), one of the key authors of which is the SUNER-C/SUNERGY initiative.

CETO provides an evidence-based analysis of the current state of knowledge on which pan-European regulations in this area are based. The Observatory monitors EU research and innovation activities on clean energy technologies needed to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal.

Prof. Joanna Kargul is a board member of the SUNER-C/SUNERGY initiative, which made a significant substantive contribution to the creation of the report. SUNER-C is a consortium of 30 industrial, academic and social organizations from 12 countries, and the consortium partners are working on community building, shaping the technology roadmap, coordinating activities with other EU initiatives, international cooperation and preparing large-scale research and development initiatives.

The CETO report is the result of monitoring the competitiveness of the EU sector of clean energy and zero-emission technologies. The report is based on available data and aims to identify opportunities to strengthen the EU’s competitiveness in clean energy technologies. It describes the main factors driving demand for this type of technologies, opportunities and barriers, including technological and social challenges that will have to be faced. It also shows why clean energy technologies are becoming more cost-competitive despite the rising costs of energy from non-renewable energy sources.

The report can be found at the link: