Prof. Marta Szulkin from CeNT UW, co-author of the article in “Science”

An article co-authored by dr hab. Marta Szulkin, prof. teach head of the Evolution and Ecology Laboratory in the City, Center of New Technologies at the University of Warsaw.

The Global Urban Evolution Project (GLUE) team, which also includes CeNT scientists, studied the population of white clover growing in cities from different climatic zones. The aim of the research was to verify whether this plant in each case adapts to urban conditions in an analogous manner. The research was carried out on a very large scale – 110,019 plant samples were collected from 160 cities in 26 countries around the world.

It is worth noting that the research was initiated in a very unusual way: prof. Marc Johnson (project manager) traveled the world with his family during his sabbatical leave collecting clover in many cities in Asia and South America. In the process of collecting material for research, he inspired many scientists, students and naturalists to join the project, thanks to which such a large collection of samples was gathered.

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