Article by CeNT UW researchers published in Molecular Cell

We are proud to announce that an article by CeNT UW scientists at the Laboratory of RNA Biology has been published in Molecular Cell.  

The article published by the Laboratory of RNA Biology led by prof. Magda Konarska titled “Rearrangements within the U6 snRNA Core during the Transition between the Two Catalytic Steps of Splicing” came out in Molecular Cell in June 2019. In all recent structures of the spliceosome visualized by cryo-EM methods, its catalytic core is shown in an unchanged form. However, recent study by Eysmont et al. demonstrates that changes within the core of yeast U6 snRNA modulate conformations of the catalytic center between the two steps of splicing catalysis. Using yeast genetics, the authors show that the lower segment of the intramolecular stem-loop (ISL) of U6 acts as an important dynamic component of the catalytic center. The described feature of U6 ISL is conserved across eukaryotes, arguing for the generality of the proposed mechanism.

Full article is available here.