Internal Users Pricelist

Sequencing runs

The table below presents specification of available options for the sequencing runs – a common part for all sample types and protocols. Illumina NovaSeq platform portfolio includes wide spectrum of read lengths (cycle no.) and throughput modes (flowcell – dependent) that provide flexibility in choosing the right experimental setup.

* Gross prices in PLN are presented.

NOTE 1: pricing per run refers to the users who fill in the entire flowcell with self-prepared and quantified library pools (or provide their own reagents if only the run set up is requested). In this case, the NGS core facility personnel cannot guarantee the quality or quantity of final data. Additional services may be required (see further sections).

NOTE 2: The MReads and Gb values are based on the standard throughput declared by the manufacturer and may vary depending on experiment type.  However, these may be used as the price estimate per sample (see required data amounts for standard analysis). Final costs are consulted and agreed upon before sample processing.

For an accurate pricing inquire via on-line submission form.

Sample preparation

Due to technology requirements, nucleic acid samples provided need to be transformed into sequencing libraries – sets of short DNA fragments containing functional adapter sequences. The NGS core facility provides RNA and DNA processing according to standard protocols. The table below contains an approximate cost per sample, including final library quality check performed on the Bioanalyzer and concentration estimation.

* Gross prices in PLN are presented.
**~200-500 bp long, e.g. after Chip-type procedures, amplicons

The nucleic acids accepted by the NGS core facility should be of high purity and quality, as determined by NanoDrop or Qubit and agarose electrophoresis or Bioanalyzer measurements, respectively. No guarantee is given for the successful preparation of libraries from starting material that cannot be verified by any of the above methods.

NOTE: The prices listed are the estimates for high-quality human genomic DNA and human total RNA. Different sample origin (e.g. organism, nucleic acids fraction), as well as throughput, may influence the cost significantly. For any details and questions regarding the applications not covered by the above pricing and/or problematic material contact us via on-line submission form.

Additional services

NovaSeq enables lane separation that allows more flexible samples multiplexing and multiple applications on the same run. This feature requires additional reagents and different procedure.

We can deliver qualitative and quantitative assessment of your nucleic acid material: input DNA, RNA or libraries and library pools. We have an access to Bioanalyzer, Qubit and qPCR equipment. The cost is calculated individually.


Bioinformatic analysis

The sequencing results are delivered as .fastq files with basic data quantity and quality summary that allows pre-eliminary run evaluation. However, we also provide a full range of bioinformatic analysis services which are to be discussed and priced individually. Bioinformatic data analyzes are priced at an hourly rate of 77 PLN Gross. For further details contact us via on-line submission form.