Postdoc (Adjunct) in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Biological Systems Modelling

Field: Chemical sciences, physical sciences, bioinformatics

Results of the competition:

As a result of the conducted competition, the competition committee has recommended Fernando Bruno for the position of postdoc (adjunct) in the research project. 


Director of Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw, with the approval from the Rector of the University of Warsaw, announces opening of the position of Postdoc/ Adjunct in the group of researchers in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Biological Systems Modelling – Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw

Position in the project: Postdoc/ Adjunct

Scientific discipline: Chemical sciences/Physical sciences/Bioinformatics

Keywords: structural biology, enzymes, single force spectroscopy, protein degradation, molecular dynamics, co-evolution methods, statistical physics

Laboratory: Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Biological Systems Modelling

Job type: employment contract

Number of job offers: 1, full time

Remuneration amount/month 10 000 PLN gross (approx. 6 000 – 7 000 PLN net)

Position starts on: 15.09.2020 or as soon as possible afterwards

Period of contract agreement: 12 months

Maximum period of contract agreement: 36 months

Institution: Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw

Project leader: Professor Joanna Sułkowska

Project title: Double-knotted proteins – limits of topological complexity of proteins, OPUS 16 NCN

Project description: The goal of this project is to develop new methods to apply experimental data from NMR and single molecular manipulation to expand our knowledge of proteins with non-trivial topology. The aim is better understanding of the influence of non-trivial topology on fundamental biological mechanisms such as evolution, function and degradation. The project is interdisciplinary and involves aspects of mathematical knot theory, bioinformatics, computer simulations, biophysics, and both in vivo and in silico studies.

Key responsibilities include:

The role of applicant will be to include experimental data into computational study as well as develop new methods. Thus, through the use of multiscale computational methods (combined coarse grain and explicate solvent molecular dynamics/replica exchange), machine learning, co-evolution method we will investigate on one hand the evolution and the conformational stability, and on the other hand we will use state-of-the-art methods to design bio-molecules.

Profile of candidates/requirements:

The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions specified in:
– Act of 20 July 2018 Law on higher education and science (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 85, as amended) and the Statutes of the University of Warsaw;
– Regulations on the allocation of resources for the implementation of tasks financed by the National Centre of Science for OPUS 16 grant;

The successful post-doc candidate will have a PhD degree in physics/chemistry or related discipline, very good experience in conducting molecular modeling, multiscaling modeling, programs such as Modeller, Rosetta. Experience with high-performance computing, knowledge of c++ or Python and scientific computing libraries and Linux environment is necessary. Although not required, any previous experience in investigation of proteins on the single molecule level or interpretation of NMR results and its application to improve the structure based models would be welcome.

The candidate should hold a PhD degree for no longer than 7 years before the date of signing an employment agreement in the project. The PhD degree should be obtained in a country of the EU, EFTA, OECD or nostrified on the date of employment at the latest.

Enquiries related to the competition may be sent to:

Required documents:
1. Cover letter
2. Current curriculum vitae including a description of prior research experience;
3. Copy of PhD certificate or a document confirming that the Candidate will obtain the PhD degree prior to the date of employment in the project
4. Two letters of recommendation;
5. Information on the processing of personal data – the form is available at the University of Warsaw webpage:
6. Declaration confirming that the candidate has read and accepted the rules of conducting competitions, covered in the following documents: Order of the Rector of UW No. 106 Par. 119, 122 of the UW Statutes Resolution No. 443 of 26 June 2019

We offer:
An opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary project in one of the best scientific institutions in Poland. Stimulating, young and friendly work environment. Access to high-end computing equipment (CPU clusters). Opportunity to participate in EUTOPIA COST network and various EMBO workshops.

Please submit the application documents to:, with ‘CeNT-3.1-2020’ as the email title

Application deadline: 16.08.2020

Date of announcing the results: 31.08.2020

Method of notification about the results: e-mail

The competition is the first stage of the recruitment procedure for the position of academic teacher specified in the Statutes of the University of Warsaw, and its positive result is the basis for further proceedings. Following an initial screening of the applications, selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail for further recruitment steps.

Information about the competition is also available on the website of the University of Warsaw

Deadline: 16/08/2020

Tags: structural biology, enzymes, single force spectroscopy, protein degradation, molecular dynamics, co-evolution methods, statistical physics