(WEBINAR) Marcin Kałek, PhD, DSc, Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis Methodology, Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw

event date: 8 April 2022

The Centre of New Technologies invites to a webinar by

Marcin Kałek, PhD, DSc

Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis Methodology, Centre of New Technologies University of Warsaw

Title: Development of new synthetic reactions and investigations on reaction
mechanisms: hypervalent iodine, organocatalysis, DFT calculations,
enzymes, and beyond

Date:  8th April 2022, Friday

Time: 1:00 pm (Central European Time)

Host: Prof. Krzysztof Kazimierczuk 

Zoom linkhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/82426581314

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During the seminar, an overview of recent projects carried out in the Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis Methodology will be presented. These will include the development of two novel synthetic reactions leading to important structural motifs, present in many molecules of biological and pharmaceutical relevance, and proceeding under mild, environmentally-friendly conditions: (1) the synthesis of aryl sulfides by metal-free arylation of thiols with diaryliodonium salts and (2) the regioselective Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction with N-alkylpyridinium salts as electrophiles.

The second part of the talk will be devoted to our collaborative studies on the mechanisms of (3) the oxidative dearomatization of phenols (with A. Drabińska from FUW and R. Solarska from CeNT) and (4) the reaction catalyzed by methyltransferase TrmD (with J. Sułkowska from CeNT and Y.-M. Hou from T. Jefferson University), which were conducted using experimental and theoretical approaches.