Visit of Mr Michael Bloss (MEP) in CeNT

On March 2, 2023, MEP Michael Bloss, member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (IRE) of the European Parliament, visited CeNT UW. Privately, our guest is interested in photovoltaics and renewable energy.

During the meeting with Prof. Joanna Kargul (head of the Laboratory of Photosynthesis and Solar Fuels) and dr hab. Renata Solarska (Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Solar Innovations) the following issues were discussed:

  • renewable energy processing;
  • storing solar energy in the form of biofuels;
  • importance of decentralized installations of this type for local communities and promoting prosumer attitudes (combining producer and consumer).

The active involvement of CeNT scientists in European research and development activities in the field of solar energy conversion and storage technologies in the form of renewable fuels and chemicals and the creation of a European strategy for solar fuels and chemicals under the SUNERGY initiative was presented (https://