Silvio Osella, PhD and Prof. Krzysztof Kazimierczuk received grants for their projects as part of the OPUS LAP competition

The results of the OPUS 20 competition were announced for OPUS LAP applications, which planned cooperation with research teams from Germany. Financing has been given to 30 projects for a total amount of over PLN 41.2 million.

Silvio Osella, PhD from the Center of New Technologies at the University of Warsaw will deal with the subject of nanomaterials. The aim of his project is to design stable and highly efficient hybrid structures for collecting sunlight and converting it into a different type of light or clean energy. The researcher received PLN 1.25 million for the project called LOW-LIGHT.

Another important winner of the competition is the CeNT-IPC PAS consortium, a part of which is managed by Prof. Krzysztof Kazimierczuk. He is working on a project called ‘Ionic liquid mixtures for supercapacitor applications: harmony of electrochemistry, NMR and simulation’.

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