Researchers from the Centre for New Technologies received OPUS and SONATA grant funding.

The results of the NCN OPUS 26 and SONATA 19 competitions have been announced. The winners include researchers associated with the Center for New Technologies at the University of Warsaw.

Defining the transcriptional and epigenetic state of tumor cells with increased plasticity and the epithelial-endothelial transition and their role in vascular mimicry, circulating tumor cell formation, and breast cancer metastasis – Professor Agnieszka Kobielak. Funding granted: 3 777 120 PLN

Quantum limits in coherent combination of optical signals – Marcin Jarzyna, PhD. Funding granted: 927 688 PLN

Sustainable Ethenolysis of Renewable Seed Oils with Novel Ruthenium-Based Catalysts – Juan Pablo Martinez Lopez, PhD. Funding granted: 1 305 583 PLN