Prof. Agnieszka Bzowska, Division of Biophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

event date: 28 February 2020

The Centre of New Technologies invites to a seminar by

Prof. Agnieszka Bzowska

Division of Biophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

Title: Purine salvage pathway enzymes as a target for therapies against pathogenic organisms lacking de novo purine nucleotide synthesis – case study of Helicobacter pylori

Date: February 28th, 2020 (Friday)

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Venue: Centre of New Technologies, Banacha 2C, Lecture Hall 0142 (Ground floor)

Host: prof. Joanna Trylska

There are two possible metabolic routes, which organisms can use to obtain purine nucleotides, the indispensable building blocks for DNA and RNA synthesis – de novo and salvage pathways. Some organisms, including those causing severe diseases, possess only one of them, the salvage pathway. Enzymes of this pathway are therefore good targets to disable growth and replication of such pathogenes. During the talk I will present our efforts to obtain and characterize two of the salvage pathway enzymes, purine nucleoside phosphorylase and adenylosuccinate synthase from Helicobacter pylori, and design their potent inhibitors.