Analiza struktury trójwymiarowej genomu ludzkiego w skali całej populacji: model komputerowy i weryfikacja doświadczalna dla limfoblastów wybranych rodzin z projektu 1000 Genomów

Kierownik projektu: prof. dr hab. Dariusz Plewczyński Okres: 2017 - 2021
Finansowanie: TEAM III, FNP

The aim of the research project is to explore at the population scale the relation between the three-dimensional structure variability of Human cell nucleus, and the emergence and the nature of the genomic sequence alterations. The research team will use public and proprietary experimental results of large-scale next-generation sequencing studies, and recently developed theoretical algorithms. The project will establish novel multi-scale computer method that is able to predict the 3D structure of genome for an individual using only its 1D genomic sequence (the list of structural variants SVs) by applying biopolymer theory, statistical learning and the biophysical properties of chromatin. The results will be validated by chromatin conformation capture experiments for selected families from 1000 Genomes Project, with the additional aim to better understand both normal and pathological structural changes occurring during evolution of Human genome.

Dofinansowanie: 3 487 570 PLN

Laboratorium Genomiki Funkcjonalnej i Strukturalnej