Undergraduate student in Chemical and Biological Systems Simulation Lab

Dziedzina: Chemical sciences






Title of the position: Undergraduate student in Chemical and Biological Systems Simulation Lab
Scientific discipline: Chemistry
Job type: Civil-law agreement
Number of job offers: 1
Remuneration/Stipend amount/month: 1500 PLN/month gross gross
Application deadline: 31.07.2021
Date of announcing competition results: 15.08.2021
Position starts on: 01.09.2021 or as soon as possible afterwards

Minimum period of contract/stipend agreement: 3 months
Institution: Centre of New Technologies University of Warsaw, Chemical and Biological Systems Simulation Lab
Project leader: Katarzyna Młodzikowska-Pieńko/ dr hab. Bartosz Trzaskowski
Project title: Analysis of the degradation reactions of ruthenium metathesis catalysts.

Project Description:

The aim of this project is a systematic study of decomposition route of ruthenium catalysts in olefin metathesis reaction.  The thorough understanding of decomposition pathways for known ruthenium catalysts (Hoveyda and Grubbs type)  will be an important step in rational design of novel, more efficient catalysts. The main part of this project consists of  investigation of possible decomposition reaction pathways of both commonly used and novel metathesis catalysts and modeling new possible intermediates using computational methods.


Key responsibilities include:

  1. Design and modelling of electronic properties of carbenes and transition metal complexes.
  2. Analysis of the obtained data.
  3. Active participation in lab meetings, scientific seminars and international conferences.
  4. Participation in the data preparation and writing of manuscripts.


Profile of candidates/requirements:

  1. Enrolled as student of chemistry or related discipline.
  2. Willing to spend 10-15 hours a week (flexible hours) to do fun projects.
  3. With good oral/written communication skills in English.
  4. Although not required, any previous experience in molecular modelling would be welcome.


Required documents:

  1. CV and cover letter
  2. Signed information on the processing of personal data, available at: https://cent.uw.edu.pl/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2020/11/Information-clause_personal-data-processing.pdf


We offer:

  1. An opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary project in one of the best scientific institutions in Poland.
  2. Stimulating, young and friendly work environment.
  3. Access to high-end computing equipment (CPU clusters).
  4. After 3 months the possibility of continuing work in another grant project.


Please submit the following documents to:

Applications should be sent via email to: k.mlodzikowska@cent.uw.edu.pl

Termin nadsyłania aplikacji: 31/07/2021