Master Student in the Quantum Resources and Information Laboratory

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Title of the position: Master Student
Scientific discipline: Physics
Job type: Scholarship
Number of job offers: 1
Remuneration/Stipend amount/month: up to 2500 PLN/month
Position starts on: 2020-07-01
Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement: 12 Months
Institution: Quantum Resources and Information Laboratory
Project leader: dr Alexander Streltsov
Project title:  Quantum Coherence and Entanglement for Quantum Technology
Project is carried out within the First TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science.
Project Description: Successful candidates will work in a team of theoretical physicists on one of the following topics:
– Quantum resource theories: exploring fundamental features of quantum systems, such as quantum entanglement, coherence, and quantum thermodynamics. Addressing questions such as the state conversion problem, quantifying resource costs for quantum process implementation.
– Quantum communication and quantum computation: application of quantum resource theories to quantify resource consumption in quantum communication protocols and to detect quantum features required for noisy quantum computation.
– Open quantum systems: application of quantum entanglement and coherence to detect and quantify memory effects in open quantum systems.

Key responsibilities include:
Investigation of general quantum features, such as entanglement and quantum coherence, in quantum protocols and quantum computation.

Profile of candidates/requirements:
Experience in at least one of the following topics: quantum physics, quantum optics, information theory, commensurate with the education level of the candidate.

Required documents:
1. Curriculum vitae

Research record
Academic transcript
Contact details of at least one senior researcher familiar with candidate’s work
A signed statement on the processing of personal data (template:

We offer:
Work within Quantum Resources and Information Lab, led by Dr. Alexander Streltsov, yet in close collaboration with theoretical and experimental groups within the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, as well as other research teams specialising in quantum theory and its implementations within Warsaw’s research community:
An open and friendly research environment with access to all the facilities available within the Centre of New Technologies (CENT)―an interdisciplinary research institute established within the University of Warsaw to gather international researchers of different backgrounds and experience, in order to conduct state-of-the-art research in biological, chemical and physical science. University of Warsaw strongly values the diversity of candidates and is very committed to the equality of opportunity.

Please submit the following documents to: Please send your application to:

Termin nadsyłania aplikacji: 31/05/2020

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