Remigiusz Serwa, PhD

phone: +48 22 55 43679
room: 02.43

Proteomics Core Facility

Research qualifications and technical skills:

    • Practical experience and understanding of all stages of proteomic and chemoproteomic workflows (experiment design, generation of biological samples, sample prep, data acquisition, qualitative and quantitative analysis on peptide and protein level, gene ontology annotation and pathway analysis, data visualisation, report generation)
    • Considerable experience in proteomic and chemoproteomic method development and adaptation
    • Comprehensive knowledge of software environments and bioinformatics platforms for proteomics data processing and analysis
    • Daily communication with individuals and multidisciplinary teams of scientists (consultations)
    • Extensive experience in communicating knowledge (delivering seminars and lectures at international meetings, organising and leading sample prep and data analysis workshops)
    • Management and motivation skills (supervision of PhD and MSc students as well as research technicians)