Kunal Kumar Jha, PhD

email: k.jha@cent.uw.edu.pl

Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy Core Facility

Research qualifications and technical skills

  • Expertise in sample preparation for 3DED measurement
  • Expertise in data collection strategy and structure solution of micro-nano crystals of small molecules from X-ray and electron diffraction measurement
  • Operational knowledge of the 200KV Cryo-TEM Glacious with EPU-D software package
  • Expertise in operation of Single crystal X-ray diffractometer BRUKER D8 Venture with APEX II,III,IV software package
  • Expertise in crystal growth using various methods for generation of polymorphs
  • Expertise in processing and structure solution of complex single-crystal X-ray and electron diffraction data having different types of disorder in organic small molecule, organometallic compounds etc.
  • Expertise in High-resolution data collection strategy and processing for multipolar charge density analysis using XD and MoPro software
  • Expertise in solid state characterization using IR, UV, NMR, MASS, HPLC, DTA, DSC, TGA, XRPD and Hot Stage Microscopy
  • Expertise in aspherical refinement of small molecules and peptides for improved structure model using database transfer (TAAM) approach.