Laboratory of Small Molecules’ Activation

Research performed at the Small Molecules Activation Laboratory is focused on utilizing highly reactive salts of weakly coordinating anions in transformations of small and often inert molecules such as aliphatic or halogenated hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide or dinitrogen. Our goal is to develop novel systems that could facilitate functionalization of these simple compounds in mild conditions (preferably room temperature and ambient pressure).
Species we investigate include salts of main group elements like calcium or barium, but extend also to 1st row transition metals from titanium to copper.
Research within SMALab is financed by Foundation for Polish Science (Homing) and National Centre of Science (Sonata).

Przemysław Malinowski, PhD
phone: +48 22 55 40812
room: 3154 (II building)

Group Leader:
Przemysław Malinowski, PhD

PhD students:
Magdalena Grochowska, MSc
Michał Jadwiszczak , MSc


Sławomir Gacka

Magdalena Abramowicz

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