Postdoctoral researcher (Adjunct)

Field: Chemical sciences

Results of the competition:

By means of a conducted competition, the competition committee has recommended Wojciech Wegner for the position of postdoc (adjunct) in the project.


Director of Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw, with the approval of the Rector of the University of Warsaw, announce opening of the competition for the position of postdoctoral researcher (adjunct) in the group of researchers in the project of Dr Karol J. Fijalkowski – Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw.

Project title: SOLID Li-ION. Novel light-weight lithium conductors to be used as solid electrolytes in Li-ion batteries, SONATA BIS 8, NCN.

Project leader: Karol J. Fijałkowski, PhD

For details about the competition, please visit the website of the University of Warsaw. 

Deadline: 24/10/2020

Tags: Inorganic synthesis, pyrolysis, doping, ammonia borane, impedance spectroscopy, ionic conductivity, solid electrolyte, Li-ion batteries