Postdoc (Senior Assistant) in the Biomolecular Machines Laboratory

Field: Life sciences (computational biology/ bioinformatics)

Results of the competition:

In the course of the conducted competition for a senior assistant in the group of researchers, the competion committee has recommended the candidate Sutapa Dutta for the position in the research project.


Director of Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw, with the approval from the Rector of the University of Warsaw, announces opening of the position of Postdoc (Senior Assistant) in the group of researchers in the Molecular Machines Laboratory – Centre of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw.

Competition numer: CeNT-64-2020

Project title: Making use of siderophore transport systems to deliver peptide nucleic acids to bacterial cells, OPUS 19, NCN

Project leader: Prof. dr hab. Joanna Trylska

For details about the competition, please visit the website of the University of Warsaw. 

Deadline: 20/02/2021

Tags: Molecular modeling, computer simulations, bioinformatics, membrane receptors, molecular dynamics simulations, force field development