Field: bioinformatics and computational genomics

Results of the competition:

As part of the conducted procedure, the Competition Committee recommended the candidacy of Dr Teresa Szczepińska and Dr Michał Łaźniewski for the post of Postdoctoral Researcher (Adiunkt).


Title of the position: Adiunkt
Scientific discipline:bioinformatics and computational genomics
Job type:Contract
Number of job offers:2
Remuneration/Stipend amount/month:Approximately 1500 EUR / month
Position starts on:02/02/2019
Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement:up to 9 months
Institution:Laboratory of Functional and Structural Genomics
Project leader:prof. Dariusz Plewczyński
Project title: Biochemical Adjustments of native EBOV Glycoprotein in Patient Sample to Unmask target Epitopes for Rapid Diagnostic Testing. The genomic dynamical landscape of Human genome in response to Ebola infection.
Key responsibilities include:
We are looking for a PostDoc to implement research plans related to the prediction and analysis of protein and protein-protein complexes 3D structures, protein interaction networks in the context of functional interpretation of host-pathogen interactions.
Responsibilities will include Bioinformatics analysis, computational genomics, 3D protein and 3D protein-protein complexes structure modelling, protein sequence analysis, protein-protein networks analysis, statistical analysis of RNAseq experimental data, analyzing the simulations results, formulating biophysical hyphothesis, publications preparation

Profile of candidates/requirements:
We are looking for researchers who will perform data-driven computational modelling using protein structure prediction techniques (molecular dynamics, molecular mechanics) as input. You will be investigating the role of host-pathogen protein interactions, host and pathogen genomes including their organisation and transcription regulation in human population.
Successful candidates will:
1. PhD in computer science, biophysics, biochemistry, bioinformatics or related discipline
2. Documented experience with genomics data
3. Preferred experience in virus genomes, population genomics, DNA sequencing data, RNAseq, microarrays data analysis
4. Priority will be given to candidates with expertise relevant to the project and in agreement with the general profile of the laboratory. Preliminary work done by applicant in the context of protein and protein-protein complexes 3D structure prediction and analysis will be treated as the strong asset.
5. Essential requirements cover the ability to work in collaboration with others, within a large research team, performing several parallel scientific tasks, independent thinking and finally the ability to deliver publishable results.
6. Needed the highly motivated individuals willing to work in an interdisciplinary environment under stress and with strict deadlines.
protein modeling, docking, genomic data analysis, RNA-seq, whole genome sequencing data analysis

Required documents:
a. CV with the list of papers
b. Motivation letter (host-pathogen interactions, Ebola virus)
c. Letter of support
d. PhD certificate
e. Short written document about recent advances in Ebola virus research

We offer:
The project provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary work between biology, physics, and computer sciences, as well as well established and long-lasting international collaborations with recognized academic institutes and universities in US, Europe and China. Close collaboration with industry will be present as well. We provide also the access to modern 1D and 3D bioinformatics and computational genomics tools and alghortithms and support from experienced researchers from abroad.

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The name of the selected candidate/s will be made public on the CeNT UW website in accordance with the requirements of the funding agency.

Deadline: 13/01/2019

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Tags: bioinformatics, protein sequences, protein structures, human genome, 1000 Genomes project, RNA-seq, host-pathogen interactions