Important discovery in cancer treatment

Team of Polish scientists including Prof. Jacek Jemielity (CeNT UW),  Prof. Edward Darżynkiewicz (CeNT UW) and Joanna Kowalska, PhD (Faculty of Physics UW) has dealt with the instability of mRNA which significantly increased it’s productivity. This particular discovery can be used in treatment e.g. in patients with inherited genetic disorders. Especially in those waiting for regeneration of damaged tissue or an autotransplantation. It creates a brand new chapter in developing genetic vaccines that, in near future, will allow to fight even malignant tumors more effectively.

The invention came from an international cooperation between University of Warsaw, State University of Louisiana and biotech company BioNTech working alongside the University of Mainz. This collaboration has effected in the biggest commercialisation of scientific breakthrough in Poland and has allowed to use it on a global scale. Polish scientists have sold the licenses and sublicenses for almost 3 billion PLN.

On 23rd of November at 3p.m. the team is organizing a meeting regarding their discovery and it’s commercialisation, entitled: „The biggest science commercialization in Poland – a breakthrough in development of cancer vaccines.”. During the meeting you will hear more about the idea of, so called, cancer vaccines as well as about the ways of medicine development with reference to the invention.