The results of prof. Konorski’s competition

We are pleased to present you the results of the prof. Jerzy Konorski’s competition for the best Polish original publication in the field of neurobiology in 2020. As many as 17 works were submitted to the competition.

The jury chaired by prof. Jerzy Mozrzymas composed of prof. Małgorzata Kossut, prof. Irena Nalepa, prof. Elżbieta Salińska, prof. Jan Konopacki and prof. Waldemar Turski decided to award the following article:

Mitochondrial protein biogenesis in the synapse is supported by local translation.

Kuzniewska B, Cysewski D, Wasilewski M, Sakowska P, Milek J, Kulinski TM, Winiarski M, Kozielewicz P, Knapska E, Dadlez M, Chacinska A, Dziembowski A, Dziembowska M. EMBO Rep. 2020 Aug 5; 21 (8): e48882. doi: 10.15252 / embr.201948882.


Congratulations to the authors of the article!