Results of OPUS and PRELUDIUM competitions.

Results for the OPUS and PRELUDIUM competitions have been announced. The winners include employees of the Center of New Technologies at the University of Warsaw.

– Prof. Wojciech Grochala (Laboratory of Technology of Novel Functional Materials), OPUS- CHEMCAP. Physicochemical properties and phenomena in a novel chemical capacitor setup.

– Prof. Marta Szulkin (Wild Urban Evolution and Ecology Lab), OPUS- Urbanisation impact on the urban avian gut microbiota: comparative and experimental approaches.

– Michał Michalski (P. Setny’s lab- Biomolecular Modelling Group), PRELUDIUM  – Structural investigations of influenza virus hemagglutinin transmembrane domain.

  -Michał Lipka (M. Parniak’s lab- Quantum Optical Devices Lab), PRELUDIUM  -Atomic magnetometry with bandwidth-mismatched NOON states and spectrally-resolved single-photon detection.