Prof. Stefan Dziembowski, MIM-UW

event date: 31 May 2019

The Centre of New Technologies invites to a seminar by

Prof. Stefan Dziembowski
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw

Crypto in Crypto


Date: May, 31st (Friday), 2019 at 12 p.m.

Venue: Centre of New Technologies, Banacha 2C,
Lecture Hall 0142 (Ground floor)

Host: Prof. Marta Barbara Wiśniewska

Abstract: Cryptography is a discipline that traditionally dealt with securing communication. In the last 3-4 decades it has greatly expanded, and it can be now defined as a scientific area whose goal is to construct protocols that secure digital economy. Moreover, cryptography has recently experienced a rapid boost in interest, due to an enormous success of the so-called “cryptographic currencies”, such as Bitcoin. This talk will contain a brief introduction to this area. I will also present some of my research contributions into it.

Note: this talk will not contain any advice on investing in cryptocurrencies.