Presentations of candidates for leaders of new-created CeNT Laboratories at a Scientific Mini-Symposium on 4th September 2018

event date: 4 September 2018

Dear All,

we kindly invite you to a Scientific Mini-Symposium during which you will have the opportunity to attend the presentations of candidates for leaders of new-created CeNT UW Laboratories – Chemical and of Computational Biology, as well as leaders of Laboratories within the ReMedy project.

The presentations will be open to the public.



13:30 – 13:45            Director of CeNT UW/ReMedy – Introduction

13:45 – 15:00            1st Session

Dr. Renata Jurkowska, BioMed X Innovation Center – “Unravelling the epigenetic regulation of cellular plasticity and repair in the lung”.

Dr. Piotr Szwedziak, ETH Zurich – “In situ structure and function of molecular machines”.

Dr. Angela Riedel, HI-STEM and DKFZ – “The role of fibroblasts at the primary tumour site and draining lymph node during tumour progression”

15:00  – 15:20           Coffee break

15:20  – 17:00           2nd Session

Dr. Tomasz Jurkowski, Universität Stuttgart – “Probing epigenetic repair mechanisms with synthetic approaches”.

Dr. Jakub Godlewski, Harvard Medical School – “Non-coding RNA and cancer: lessons from glioblastoma”.

Dr. Jose Cisneros Trigo, Yale University – “The medicinal chemistry of agents targeting hydrolytic enzymes, proinflammatory cytokines and viral infections”.

Dr. Renata Solarska, CeNT UW – “Multi-purpose metal oxide materials & interfaces for energy, environmental and health applications”.

17:00  – 17:20           Coffee break

17:20  – 18:35           3rd Session

Dr. hab. Bartosz Różycki, Institute of Physics PAS – “Membrane protein machineries”.

Dr. hab. Krzysztof Pawłowski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Lund University – “Novel enzyme and pseudoenzyme families – bioinformatics predictions and experimental validation”.

Dr. Stanisław Dunin-Horkawicz, CeNT UW – “How often nature reinvents the wheel?”.

18:35                           Closing of the Mini-Symposium


You can download the printable version of the agenda here.