Organizational autonomy of polish higher education units – proposals and solutions presented by UW’s think tanks

On the 3rd of July, the lower house of Polish parliament will vote on the draft law on higher education and science. One of the assumptions of the project is to increase university’s autonomy by strengthening the role of its statute. This will enable the institution to become more independent from state regulations, which may be essential to establishing pluralism in the sector of higher education in Poland.

As a part of internal consultations, UW has set up 5 think tanks, consisting of representatives of various units and groups forming the academic community. The teams are tasked with drawing up the proposals of organizational changes in the following areas:

  • awarding scientific degrees;
  • educating doctoral students (doctoral schools);
  • appointing authorities;
  • university education
  • university organization

It is also planned to create a sixth team, that would address the topic of administration and financial management.

The work of think tanks will be consulted with the Rector’s team and members of the academic community during the open workshops that will be held on 27-28. June.