Michał Lipka awarded within the National Science Centre Preludium 20 programme

We are pleased to announce that MSc. Michał Lipka has received the funding from the National Science Centre for the project titled Atomic magnetometry with bandwidth-mismatched NOON states and spectrally-resolved single-photon detection”. 

MSc. Michał Lipka is a PhD student at Quantum Optical Devices Lab (QODL)being a part of the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies.


More information can be found at: https://ncn.gov.pl/konkursy/wyniki/2021-11-26-opus21-preludium20


The “Quantum Optical Technologies” project is implemented as part of the International Research Agendas programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, co-financed from EU resources, obtained from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Programme.