Funding of project OPUS and PRELUDIUM from NCN

Dear All, we are pleased to announce that CeNT has achieved a huge success in the OPUS and PRELUDIUM competitions organized by the National Science Center. Funding was obtained by a total of 11 projects with CeNT participation (9 individual and 2 consortium):



  1. Stanisław Dunin-Horkawicz, PhD       
  2. Marcin Kałek, PhD        
  3. prof. Agnieszka Kobielak      
  4. Marcin Maćkiewicz, PhD (laboratory of prof. Węgleński, consortium)
  5. prof. Dariusz Plewczyński     
  6. prof. Joanna Trylska    
  7. prof. Marta Wiśniewska



  1. Mateusz Domański, MSc (laboratory of prof. Grochala)
  2. Mateusz Gielata, MSc (laboratory of prof. Kobielak)
  3. Joanna Miszkiewicz, MSc (laboratory of prof. Trylska)
  4. Aleksandra Żeromska, MSc (laboratory of prof. Węgleński)


We sincerely congratulate you all and wish you success in implementing your projects.