CeNT UW researchers receive NCN grants

Within the results of the OPUS 16, PRELUDIUM 16 and SONATA 14 competitions announced recently by the National Science Center; six researchers from the Center of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw received funding for their grants. Particularly noteworthy is the project titled “Doubly knotted proteins – frontiers of topological complexity of proteins” headed by dr hab. Joanna Sułkowska, which received the highest funding (2 218 320 PLN) among all the projects awarded at the University of Warsaw.

We would like to congratulate the awarded researchers and wish them good luck with their research.

List of financed projects:


  • “Doubly knotted proteins – frontiers of topological complexity of proteins”, Dr. hab. Joanna Ida Sułkowska
  • “Genetic history of Poles”, Prof. Piotr Węgleński


  • “The importance of MLK4 signalling in the communication between breast cancer cells and tumour-associated macrophages”, Dr. Anna Agnieszka Marusiak
  • “Rational Design of Bio-Organic Systems for Biomimetic Applications”, Dr. Silvio Osella
  • “Towards understanding the cellular fate of exogenously delivered mRNA”, Dr. Eng. Paweł Jan Sikorski


  • “Analysis of the degradation reactions of ruthenium metathesis catalysts”, Katarzyna Młodzikowska MSc.

More information about NCN grants, ranking lists, and detailed project descriptions can be found at the NCN website.