Bartosz Trzaskowski and Juan Pablo Martinez from CeNT UW, co-authors of the article in “Angewandte Chemistry International Edition”

A Polish-German group led by Bartosz Trzaskowski, PhD, of the Center for New Technologies at the University of Warsaw, and Rene Frank, PhD, of the Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry at the Technical University of Braunschweig, proposes a new methodology for the synthesis of compounds containing a single covalent Al-B bond and to study the chemical properties of this bond. The basis for obtaining the Al-B bond was the appropriate spatial arrangement of Al and B atoms on the naphthalene scaffold.

It was also shown that the reactivity of the newly obtained compounds and the Al-B bond differed significantly from that of the Al-C bond, using the example of the reaction with nitriles, which led to the breaking of the Al-B bond and the formation of a atypic 6-membered ring containing carbon, nitrogen, aluminum and boron atoms. The discovery paves the way for easier synthesis of chemical compounds containing the Al-B bond, as well as for obtaining entirely new classes of chemical compounds that may find applications in many branches of chemistry in the future.

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