Research projects - implemented

project leader title Project period
PRELUDIUM, NCN Anna Maria Dąbrowska, MSc The influence of asymmetric N-heterocyclic carbenes on synthesis, structure and activity of dialkylgallium alkoxides in the polymerization of rac-lactide 2017 - 2019
FNP, TEAM Jacek Jemielity, Associate Prof. New selective inhibitors of cap dependent proteins: synthesis, delivery and characterization 2017 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Jacek Jemielity, Associate Prof. Chemically modified mRNA for studies on cellular processes and therapeutic applications 2017 - 2019
HOMING, FNP Jaroń Tomasz, PhD Synthesis, evaluation and recycling of the salts containing highly-fluorinated anions for energy storage applications 2017 - 2019
SONATA, NCN Joanna Panecka, PhD Computational investigation of the dynamic and physico-chemical properties of pteridine reductase 1 of human trypanosomatid parasites, and its interactions with substrates and drugs 2017 - 2019
NCN, NCBiR, TANGO Karol Fijałkowki, PhD Cell for electrical impedance measurements designed for investigation of highly reactive samples. 2017 - 2019
TEAM, FNP Krzysztof Ginalski, Associate Prof. Development and application of novel next-generation sequencing and single-cell genomics methods to studying DNA double-strand breaks 2017 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Marta Szulkin, Assiciate Prof. Tit extra-pair mating in the Anthropocene: from life in a primeval forest to life in the city 2017 - 2019
HOMING, FNP Marusiak Anna, PhD The role of MLK4 amplification in brest cancer progression - studies in 3D cell culture and in vivo models 2017 - 2019
PRELUDIUM, NCN Monika Prełowska, MSc Evaluation of anticancer potential of glutamine metabolism modulation in multiple myeloma sensitive and resistant to chemotherapy. 2017 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Paweł Szarek, PhD Hi-Ox: Journey to the core of the atom - pushing the limits of the reachable oxidation states of metal atoms. 2017 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Piotr Kaźmierczak, dr The role of Tmcc2 in the development and maintenance of the inner ear mechanosensory hair cells. 2017 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Prof. Dominika Nowis The role of arginase-1 in antitumor efficacy of cancer immunotherapy using checkpoint inhibitors 2017 - 2020
HOMING, FNP Przemysław Malinowski, PhD Transition metal salts of weekly coordination anions as model scavengers of nitrous oxide and halogenated hydrtocarbons 2017 - 2018
SONATA, NCN Tomasz Jaroń, PhD High-pressure synthesis and characterization of the chemical compounds based on boron, hydrogen, and selected main-group elements 2017 - 2019
HOMING, FNP Tomza Michał, PhD Quantum simulations, computations, and sensing with novel quantum molecular systems 2017 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Agnieszka Kobielak, PhD Understanding cancer stem cells heterogeneity and plasticity and its role in the progression of oral cancer 2016 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Andrzej Nagalski, PhD Metabolic and behavioral characterization of mice with conditional knockout of Tcf7l2, a risk gene for diabetes and schizophrenia 2016 - 2019
POLONEZ, NCN Bernadette Chatelain Marion, PhD Trace metal effects on wild great tit Parus major oxidative stress and fitness in a gradient of urbanisation 2016 - 2018
STRATEGMED, NCBiR Edward Darżynkiewicz, Prof., Jacek Jemielity, Associate Prof. Wykorzystanie potencjału regenaracyjnego mezenchymalnych komórek macierzystych EXPLORE ME 2016 - 2018
bilateral Polish-Turkish co-operation, NCBiR Joanna Kargul, Associate Prof. Graphene-derived electrodes for bio-inspired solar-fuel device - GraphESol 2016 - 2018
IDEAS PLUS, MNiSW Joanna Sułkowska, PhD, DSc Białka splątane - studium nowych struktur i rozwiązywanie ich zagadki 2016 - 2019
Mobilność Plus, MNiSW Karol Fijałkowski, PhD Opracownaie odnawialnej metody otrzymywania amoniaku z azotu atmosferycznego 2016 - 2018
TEAM, FNP Konrad Banaszek, Prof. Quantum Optical Communication Systems 2016 - 2019
TEAM, FNP Krystian Jażdżewski, Prof. Novel approach to a large-scale population screening for genetic diseases - a proof-of-concept 2016 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Krzysztof Kazimierczuk, PhD, DSc Time-resolved N-dimensional spectroscopy for monitoring of physical and chemical processes 2016 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Krzysztof Kobielak, PhD Hair follicle stem cells regulation during hair cyclic regeneration. 2016 - 2019
SONATA, NCN Magdalena Skrzypczak, PhD Genome-wide studies of double-strand DNA breaks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2016 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Marta Wiśniewska, Associate Prof. Transcription factors and afferent connections in shaping molecular diversity of thalamic neurons 2016 - 2019
SONATA, NCN Mateusz Baca, PhD Late Pleistocene and Holocene evolutionary histories of two vole species. Reconstruction of populations responses on climate change using ancient DNA and radiocarbona dating. 2016 - 2019
SONATA, NCN Michał Tomza, dr Chłodzenie i dynamika wieloatomowych jonów molekularnych zanurzonych w ultrazimnych gazach atomowych 2016 - 2019
SONATA, NCN Michał Tomza, PhD Cooling and dynamics of polyatomic molecular ions immersed in ultracold atomic gases 2016 - 2019
PRELUDIUM, NCN Olga Sokołowska, MSc Investigation of the antitumor potential of stimulator of interferon genes (STING) - an adaptor protein in innate immune signaling 2016 - 2017
OPUS, NCN Paweł Szarek, PhD BIS-TRIS. Theoretical modeling of redox-tailored bi and tri-heterometallic transition metal complexes as devices for molecular electronics. 2016 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Piotr Leszczyński, PhD ACTIVE-OX. Oxidative C-H bond activation in light alkanes by Ag(II) salts containing weakly coordinating anions 2016 - 2019
DIAMENTOWY GRANT, MNiSW Piotr Orłowski Badanie zdolności katalitycznych związków wanadu do rozkładu diboranu oraz wysokowydajnych borowodorkowych stałych magazynów wodoru 2016 - 2020
OPUS, NCN Renata Solarska, PhD Insight into combined electrochemical-photochemical activation of carbon dioxide 2016 - 2018
POLONEZ, NCN Silvio Osella, dr Towards an efficient design of biosensors: an investigation of the interplay between light harvesting proteins and graphene 2016 - 2018
SONATA BIS, NCN Stanisław Dunin-Horkawicz, PhD Design of new protein structures with precisely defined features using parametric models 2016 - 2019
PRELUDIUM, NCN Sylwia Walczak, MSc New nucleotide analogs containing triazole within oligophosphate bridge as mimics of the 5' end of mRNA - synthesis, properties and incorporation into mRNA at its 5' end 2016 - 2018
FUGA, NCN Anna Marusiak, PhD Wpływ zwiększonej ekspresji kinazy MLK4 na rozwój raka piersi. 2015 - 2018
LIDER, NCBiR Anna Wójcicka, PhD, DSc The use of next-generation sequencing for elucidation of a sensitive and specific molecular panel for diagnostics of thyroid cancers 2015 - 2017
OPUS, NCN Dariusz Plewczyński, Associate Prof. iCell: information processing in living organisms. The role of three-dimensional structure and multi-scale properties in controlling the biological processes in a cell. 2015 - 2018
SONATA, NCN Dominik Kurzydłowski, PhD NFO: Nitrogen trifluoride as an oxidizer 2015 - 2017
Era.Net RUS Plus – INNOVATION, NCBiR Dorota Pawlak, Associate Prof. Selectiive express tumor diagnostic with narrow band nanophotonic structures 2015 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Joanna Kargul, Associate Prof. Structural and functional characterisation of the photosynthetic apparatus of an extremophilic red microalga Cyanidioschyzon merolae 2015 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Krzysztof Ginalski, Associate Prof. Identification and comprehensive classification of nucleases including human nucleases 2015 - 2018
SONATA BIS, NCN Liliana Dobrzańska, PhD The role of non-covalent interactions in the formation of supramolecular assemblies and the phenomenon of single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformations 2015 - 2020
OPUS, NCN Maciej Długosz, PhD DSc Hydrodynamic interactions in biomolecular systems. Computational studies. 2015 - 2018
OPUS, NCN Magdalena Dziembowska, PhD, DSc The role of microRNA-132 in the structural platicity of dendritic spines 2015 - 2018
SONATA BIS, NCN Magdalena Dziembowska, PhD, DSc Identification of proteins locally synthesized at the synapse in response to neuronal stimulation in physiology and fragile X syndrome. 2015 - 2020
SONATA, NCN Marcin Kałek, PhD Asymmetric nucleophilic catalysis with N-heterocyclic carbenes and phosphines. New reactions, catalysts, and methods of research. 2015 - 2018
PRELUDIUM, NCN Marta Kotlarek, MSc The use of microRNA inhibitors for restoration of the physiological expression of sodium iodide symporter NIS in thyroid cancer cells - an attempt to develop a new adjuvant therapy for cancer 2015 - 2017
SONATA BIS, NCN Marta Szulkin, Associate Prof. Ecological genetics of the great tit in a new, long-term population study set along a rural-urban environmental gradient 2015 - 2020
SONATA BIS, NCN Paweł Niewiadomski, PhD DSc Role of primary cilia in the activation of Gli transcription factors in Hedgehog signaling 2015 - 2020
SONATA, NCN Przemysław Malinowski, PhD Hi-REX. Wysoce reaktywne sole oksonanionów żelaza, miedzi i kobaltu i anionów słabo koordynujących jako związki aktywujące lekkie węglowodory nasycone 2015 - 2018
SONATA, NCN Przemysław Żelazowski, PhD The extent of the eastern Andean tree line over the last 30 years - a global analysis in the context of Amazonia's climate adaptation. 2015 - 2017
OPUS, NCN Wojciech Grochala, Prof. HYDRA. From efficient hydrogen stores in the solid state to novel multinary and composite functional materials 2015 - 2018
Iuventus Plus, MNiSW Anna Wójcicka, PhD DSc Próba wykorzystania inhibitorów mikroRNA do zwiększenia wydajności terapii adiuwantowej raka tarczycy 2014 - 2017
OPUS, NCN Dariusz Plewczyński, Associate Prof. Virtual High Throughput Screening (vHTS) derivation of a cross-immunity model for the Influenza-A Virus Infections 2014 - 2017
SONATA BIS, NCN Dominika Nowis, Prof. Investigation of the molecular mechanisms of anti-leukemic activity of SK053, a small molecule compound targeting enzymes involved in allosteric disulphide bonds formation 2014 - 2017
MAESTRO, NCN Jan Augustyński, Prof. Multifunctional thin -film mixed and/or doped metal oxide materials -from photoelectrochemistry to electrocatalysis 2014 - 2019
SYMFONIA, NCN Joanna Trylska, Associate Prof. (project partner from UW) Vitamin B12 as a delivery vehicle for antibacterial oligonucleotide analogues 2014 - 2019
OPUS, NCN Krystian Jażdżewski, Prof. The role of microRNA mutations in pathology of the thyroid gland and in genetic predisposition to papillary thyroid carcinoma 2014 - 2017
PRELUDIUM, NCN Marta Dudek, MSc Exploring the Mutual Interactions between RNA Enantiomers 2014 - 2017
PRELUDIUM, NCN Nikola Brożko, MSc Specification of thalamic neurons in zebrafish (Danio rerio) morphants of lef1 and tcf7l2 2014 - 2017
SONATA, NCN Piotr Setny, PhD Efekty hydratacyjne w kinazach białkowych. 2014 - 2017
EMBO Piotr Setny, PhD EMBO Instalation Grants 2014 - 2017
OPUS, NCN Piotr Stępień, Prof. Molekularne funkcje ludzkiego genu SUV3 2014 - 2017
Iuventus Plus, MNiSW Tomasz Antosiewicz, PhD Hetero-metaliczne nanostruktury plazmoniczne do absorpcji światła 2014 - 2017
Diamont Grant, MNiSW Wojciech Wegner, MSc Nowoczesne materiały funkcjionalne oparte o lantanowce i bor 2014 - 2018
PRELUDIUM, NCN Łukasz Szewczyk, PhD Analysis of oligodendrocyte differentiation and maturation in St8sia2 knockout mice - a model of polysialylation deficiency 2014 - 2016
OPUS, NCN Bartosz Trzaskowski, PhD New analogues of N-heterocyclic carbenes in Ruthenium-based metathesis 2013 - 2016
MAESTRO, NCN Edward Darżynkiewicz, Prof. Designing mRNA transcripts resistant to enzymatic cap hydrolysis applicable for anticancer vaccines; multiplexed biochemical and biophysical studies on representative classes of decapping enzymes 2013 - 2018
SONATA BIS, NCN Jacek Jemielity, Associate Prof. New reagents and methods in synthesis of modified nucleotides and their application for preparation biochemical tools and nucleotides with great therapeutic potential 2013 - 2018
SONATA BIS, NCN Joanna Sułkowska, PhD, DSc Influence of knotted structure on function of proteins and protein structure prediction 2013 - 2018
CORE 2013 CALL - Polish - Norwegian research cooperation, NCBiR Joanna Trylska, Associate Prof. Targeting neutrophil peripheral membrane proteins: novel therapeutic avenues in chronic inflammatory diseases 2013 - 2017
SONATA BIS, NCN Krzysztof Kazimierczuk, PhD, DSc Sparse and approximately-sparse representations in problems of NMR 2013 - 2018
MAESTRO, NCN Maria Magda Konarska, Prof. Interactions of U6 snRNA within the catalytic center of the spliceosome- modulation of pre-mRNA splicing by U6-like exon sequences 2013 - 2018
SONATA BIS, NCN Paweł Filip Horeglad, PhD The effect of strong Lewis bases on the structure of group 13 and 14 metal alkoxides and their catalytic activity in the polymerization of heterocyclic monomers 2013 - 2018
SONATA, NCN Tomasz Antosiewicz, PhD Nanoplasmonic sensors: limits of detection, stochastic properties, and sintering measurements 2013 - 2016
MAESTRO, NCN Krzysztof Ginalski, Associate Prof. High resolution map of DNA double-strand breaks in human genome 2012 - 2017
IMPULS/SKILLS, FNP Paweł Filip Horeglad, PhD Direct synthesis of polylactide-β-blocker (PLA-β-AD) conjugates using dialkylgallium alkoxide complexes 08/2015 - 10/2016

Infrastructure projects - implemented

Realiz. w ramach Tytuł Opis
Regional Operational Programme Mazovia Center of New Technologies's laboratory equipment in the necessary facility to carry out research for industry and medicine

NR PRMA.01.01.00-14-002/15-00
The project aims to equip CeNT's laboratories in necessary equipment to carry out research for industry and medicine.

Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, Priority 13, Axis 13.1 Centre of New Technologies 'Ochota' University of Warsaw

NR UDA-POIS.13.01-016/08-00
Funding new headquarters for CeNT UW and Faculty of Phisics UW.

Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority 2, Axis 2.2 Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology (CePT)

The beneficiaries of the project are two research CeNT’s teams (LTNMF and LBBS). Their labs will be equipped in modern laboratory equipment.


Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority 2, Axis 2.3 Development of biocomputing infrastructure of Next Generation Sequencing Center

The aim of the project is to create high quality infrastructure for the storage and analysis of biological data including genomic data generated at the Centre for Next Generation Sequencing.

Projects completed