DSM 2017 contest results


On the 12th of May 2017 call for DSM proposals was announced. DSM is an allocation for research or development work and related tasks for the development of young researchers and PhD students. The contest was dedicated to academics of the Centre for New Technologies, who were under the age of 35 and PhD students conducting research in CeNT research teams and laboratories. We received 36 proposals.

The Jury composed of:

1. Prof. Piotr Węgleński,
2. Prof. Krzysztof Ginalski,
3. Dr. Paweł Horeglad,
4. Dr. Katarzyna Tuszyńska – the Secretary,

recommended the establishment of a financial allocation of 9 grants, of which direct costs will be covered in the following amounts:

- 3 grants in the amount of 20 000.00 PLN each,
- 1 grant in the amount of 19 500.00 PLN,
- 4 grants in the amount of 18 850.00 PLN,
- 1 grant in the amount of 16 000.00 PLN.

On this basis, funding was awarded to the following researchers:

1.    Dr. Marion Chatelain (100 points)
2.    Marcin Równicki, Msc (98 points)
3.    Dr. Wanda Niemyska (96 points)
4.    Dr. Mateusz Baca (94 points)
5.    Przemysław Wanat, Msc (94 points)
6.    Renata Kasprzyk, Msc (92 points)
7.    Michał Kadlof, Msc (92 points)
8.    Dr. Alexandra Shchukina (92 points)
9.    Dr. Wojciech Wegner (91 points)

I sincerely congratulate the authors of the funded projects and thank the members of the Jury for their work.

Prof. Agnieszka Chacińska

Director of the Center of New Technologies
University of Warsaw