Marina Derzsi supports European Commission's campaign 'Science: it's a girl thing!'


European Commission for Research and Innovation has launched new internet activities in order to support campaign 'Science: it's a girl thing!' which is part of the 'Women in Research and Innovation' campaign and it aims to encourage girls to develop an interest in science and to engage young women in scientific research careers. The campaign will challenge stereotypes around science and show girls that science can be a great opportunity for their future.

‘Ask a scientist!’ Facebook app allows girls to contact experienced women researchers and to ask their questions on science and careers but privately.

The application also serves as a directory to show girls who are the different role models of the campaign and they are able to search for a specific woman scientist through filters (by job/carrier, by field, by country, etc.). With such a tool, girls can learn about a woman's life as a scientist, about her job or field, if they have doubts about their future, about science; and they will be able to do it in private and through a special relationship with a real woman scientist.