One important role for CeNT is to provide a platform for integration of efforts of research groups in different faculties and departments inside the University and to cooperate closely with similar centers at other universities worldwide.
Internal cooperation
From the level of individual scientists participation representing each faculty in common research projects to formalized cooperation within the existing or newly-established initiatives of joint research centers or interdisciplinary education.

  • team cooperation: CeNT, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Faculty of Physics within the Warsaw Center of NMR
  • cooperation with the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Science; within the program of Inter-Faculty Interdisciplinary Ph.D.
  • cooperation with particular University Faculties with a view to using specialized research equipment

External cooperation

  • This cooperation should contribute to:
  • focusing on real-world problems and challenges,
  • building a portfolio of R&D projects in new technologies,
  • stimulate industrial demand for research-on-request,
  • development of applied studies.