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CeNT UW is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to the understanding of important biological, chemical and physical phenomena.



We would like to express our sincere condolences to Prof. Marta Szulkin on the passing of her Father Directors Board and Staff of Centre of New Technologies >>

Seminars and Conferences

24 October 2018 - Ian Collinson from the University of Bristol and Vicki Gold from the University of Exeter, UK , TBA >>
7 June 2019 - Philip A. Sharp, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, TBA >>

Research highlights

Article by scientists from Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biogenesis discussed in a commentary published in BMC Biology An article authored by Łukasz Kowalski and Piotr Brągoszewski (together with colleagues from the Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and from... >>
Abstract by Marcin Równicki rated among the best abstracts in 2018 by the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Marcin Równicki, a PhD student from the Joanna Trylska group, was selected for the official media programme at the 28th European Congress of... >>
Jacek Jemielity, Edward Darżynkiewicz and Joanna Kowalska announced as the finalists of European Inventor Award 2018 The European Inventor Award is an annual celebration of the incredible contributions of inventors from across Europe and the world to social... >>


Energy Level Alignment at Interfaces Between Au (111) and Thiolated Oligophenylenes of Increasing Chain Size: Theoretical Evidence of Pinning Effects
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Advanced Theory and Simulations, 1(3), 1700020
Atomistic picture of fluorescent probes with hydrocarbon tails in lipid bilayer membranes: an investigation of selective affinities and fluorescent anisotropies in different environmental phases
Knippenberg, S., Fabre, G., Osella, S., Di Meo, F., Paloncýová, M., Ameloot, M., & Trouillas, P. (2018)
Large sensitivity in land carbon storage due to geographical and temporal variation in the thermal response of photosynthetic capacity
Mercado, L. M., Medlyn, B. E., Huntingford, C., Oliver, R. J., Clark, D. B., Sitch, S., ... & Cox, P. M. (2018)
New Phytologist, 218(4), 1462-1477